To avoid disappointment, we always encourage our guests to book future services as they leave. Appointments with our team fill quickly and we are not in the business of ‘squeezing people in’. At cut Social we offer a premium service, which we feel can be compromised under time pressure. We want your experience to be a relaxing one in an environment where we can deliver our best service.

Arrive on Time

This is really important as your artist can be set back for the entire day if you’re late, so give yourself that extra time to leave early, please call if you are running late so we can organise our schedule. We understand that this works both ways, and you can opt in for a call if your artist is running late. Cancellations are okay, but please gives us at least 24 hours so we can fill your appointment as soon as possible.


You can always talk to us if you’re not happy with our services or customer service, our aim is to listen and make you feel relaxed enough that you can talk to us, however it is not acceptable to be rude to any of our team.


Works both ways.

Price increase

Please be supportive when your artist price may increase due to the level of artistry they have worked so hard to achieve, however if this is not in your budget your artist will recommend a great artist on our team within your budget.


Please be honest, we love honesty! If there is anything you are unsure of let us know, we are true professionals and we want you to be happy.


If you are truly happy then make sure your recommend this really is a great act of kindness.